Thursday, October 13, 2011

i see the world in team colors.

i guess growing up a fan of all things college (well, actually, all things georgia tech), i learned team colors (and mascots) at a pretty young age. and in the south, what you wear to games can be just as important as your team winning the game. you better believe sara beth and i always were on the hunt for anything yellow and black for the next tech game. (though now, it's orange and blue dress shopping! war eagle!) 

i've noticed since being in college and being overseas (maybe it's a coping mechanism), i often think things like, "oh, that could be a cute game day dress..." or "a (insert college name here) fan would like that..."

so from my travels during my teaching abroad in europe and my time here in asia, check out these collegiate people, places, and things!

war eagle to this orange and blue benz taxi!
slubice, poland

ramblin' wreck man van
berlin, germany

go gata to this lady in our neighborhood!
east asia
(if you don't know what i mean by that...check out this video. you won't regret it.)

roll tide on that sand...only for you, kate!
east asia

to be uga fan.
east asia

and my favorite....
there's a beer here called "tiger" and its label design is even orange and blue!!
east asia