Friday, October 29, 2010

Word of the Week: Xian Guang

I'm pretty sure for the last three months, I have been running through life. Sometimes it feels like I hardly have time to take a second to breathe throughout the day. I could probably learn a thing or two from my elderly neighbors. At dusk, you can find the grandpas and grandmas of the apartment complex taking walks around the neighborhood at a snail's pace with their hands clasped behind their backs. It is endearingly called "Xian Guang," or the pleasant stroll. I love seeing them just unwinding from their busy days and enjoying the evening air. It is a great reminder of how much I do need to take my own pleasant stroll every once in awhile when the chaos of living life over here gets to be a little overwhelming.

"There's a Chinese family in our bathroom."

A few weekends ago, we got to visit one of our neighboring cities with Western food and an IKEA -- Cheng Du!! It was a wonderful little break from our city. We spent most of our time at Ikea, and while we were there I kept thinking of the Ikea scene from the movie "500 Days of Summer." As you watch the clip, I think you'll see what I mean...It's the fourth one on the site.

After a couple of hours of speed shopping and decision making, Miller, April, and I came away with lamps, chairs, a rug, and some kitchen utensils! We could not be more excited about those purchases. I think our mothers would be proud!

Red Rover, Red Rover, Send Wild Bill Right Over!

Wild Bill, or "WB" as I have dubbed him, cannot quite be fully explained unless you see him in person. But let's just say he keeps all of us entertained each time we head over to the main shopping and eating area of our town. Wild Bill can be frequently seen red-rovering couples, drinking teas dug out of the trash can, and running aimlessly down the street. Most recently, he has mustarded up the courage to pat both Anna B and Miller on the back! Eeeekkk!!

you can stand under my SUNbrella, ella, ella...

On those rare days when the sun shines, you can bet that almost every girl will be carrying around a sunbrella! In this culture, the girls try to keep their skin as light as possible. They even have skin products here that lighten skin color! Check out some sunbrellas in all their glory...

Hey, I'll take a sunbrella over an umbrella any day of the week!