Sunday, June 5, 2011

shengri kuaile, laoshi + er tong jie kuaile!

we took it upon ourselves to plan a little outing for our teacher's birthday! so instead of class, we hit the city and visited the three gorges museum. it was interesting to go there and learn about all the places we stopped at on our dam cruise back in october. after the museum, we treated our laoshi to lunch at a japanese restaurant. she loved it!

our class with laoshi sweet!

anna, sweet, and miller -- best friends. ;)

not only was it our teacher's birthday, but it was also CHILDREN'S DAY! yes, it's really a holiday. the children are out of school for the day and run amuck! it is hilarious. we had fun wishing all the children a happy children's day. er tong jie kuaile!

a place that took our breath away.

literally and figuratively! we had the humbling opportunity to travel to a city atop the most elevated region in the world. we were out of breath walking up any amount of stairs! but it was BEAUTIFUL and breath-taking, to say the very least. here are a few snapshots of our weekend!

prayer flag adorn the city walls, roof tops and pillars.

men and women, young and old, continuously spin prayer wheels and
rub prayer beads to earn merit.

the girls at one of the summer palaces.

yak momos, curry, and fried rice -- our fare for the weekend.

one of the most famous palaces - it has over 1,000 rooms!

miller, anna, april, and me after climbing the mountain!

cinco de mayo

who says you can't celebrate cinco de mayo all the way over in asia?! we are always up for any reason to celebrate!

happy "wu yue wu hao," y'all!