Sunday, December 9, 2012

if perfect were a day...

if i could have dreamt up my last day in my beloved asian home, i don't think it could have been as perfect as this day was. every minute of june 19, 2012 couldn't have been filled with more JOY and LOVE and HOPE! 

kelsey and i started the day walking around one of our fave campuses with two of our "sisters." 

photo collage credit to kels

then, i spent time at the medical school with my friend lee. we had a great "heart-to-heart" and she also enjoyed driving my scooter. hah!

two of my good friends invited me over to their apartment for a lunch they prepared just for me. it was so delicious and made me feel so loved. 

i went to "sunny block" and said goodbye to some people and places that i spent SO. MUCH. TIME. with/at over the last two years.

i made my last visit to my VERY favorite campus and enjoyed time with my besties at our favorite tea shop. we laughed a lot, but shared a good bit of tears together as well.

kelsey documented one of my last rides on my scooter. still scary. 

our crew got together at our favorite restaurant for my "last supper." it meant so much to me!

of course i had to say goodbye to this special school and one of our dear sisters here. 

i stopped to take some pictures of the "rich and powerful city," also known as my home sweet home for two years. i loved living in building A-7! so many sweet memories among these high-rise apartments.

we ended the night at chris and anne marie's place...where we watched probably five (or more) episodes of survivor together. it was a sweet night of laughter and normalcy. just exactly what i needed.

i don't think i'll ever forget that day. God lavished so many blessings on me that my heart was fuller than it has ever been. thank you, Jesus, for such a gracious and generous gift of farewells and closure, and immeasurable joy.