Friday, October 29, 2010

"There's a Chinese family in our bathroom."

A few weekends ago, we got to visit one of our neighboring cities with Western food and an IKEA -- Cheng Du!! It was a wonderful little break from our city. We spent most of our time at Ikea, and while we were there I kept thinking of the Ikea scene from the movie "500 Days of Summer." As you watch the clip, I think you'll see what I mean...It's the fourth one on the site.

After a couple of hours of speed shopping and decision making, Miller, April, and I came away with lamps, chairs, a rug, and some kitchen utensils! We could not be more excited about those purchases. I think our mothers would be proud!


  1. YOU BETCHA!!!....beyond.

    Love you more than ALL the IKEA products ever sold and in their stores,

    Your Mama

  2. haha - that's a funny clip with the chinese fam. and i like that picture on the boxes. :)