Sunday, January 2, 2011

our dam cruise!

So, I couldn't help but quote Chevy Chase from Summer Vacation (and my family) when we went on our Three Gorges Dam Cruise in October..."Here are the dam restrooms. Let's take a dam picture..." haha. That never gets old.

Well, I can't really describe in words what my first ever cruise experience was like...but let's just say that it included a PA system in each room with 6 am wake-up calls, a bathroom/shower combo, and lots of instant noodles...

Here are a few pictures from the trip...Enjoy!

Me, Matt, Jeff, and Miller on the Dragon Boat at around 7 am

Our Humble Abode

Me, Miller, Jessica, Haviland, Anna, April at one of our stops

Me, Lauren, and Anna in front of the world's largest dam!!

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