Wednesday, November 28, 2012

our days in may.

celebration. it's the one word that comes to mind when i think of our days in may. they were filled with so much celebrating and so much joy.

over the may national holiday, kelsey and i got to travel to another city with a student friend to celebrate the wedding of two of her closest friends! it was such an honor to be a part of this special day.

we celebrated cinco de mayo with our american friends in the city... 
mexican food, mustaches, and all!

 our crew "celebrated" the opening of a new restaurant within walking distance from our apartment complex. of course, it was coined the name, "steak 'n shake," due to their incredible (yet confusing) aprons! but do not be fooled -- strictly noodles sold steakburgers or fries!

i absolutely celebrated the reunion with my dear friend haviland, who was with me throughout my first year in asia. i was immensely blessed by her presence, as she led the auburn summer group for the last six weeks of my year.

together with all of our other friends around the region, we got to celebrate what we have experienced throughout the year and prepare for what was ahead over a weekend away in a beautiful lake town. (we actually went there last year, too.) we had a great time exploring a new place, and i'm thankful i got to start the transition process here with lots of friends around me.

we also celebrated two new additions to our "family!" we threw a joint baby shower for cat and chelsey...both due in the summer. 

lastly, our crew celebrated the year together with our annual DXCies awards night. it was such a fun night of reminiscing over all that happened throughout the year.

photo credit to anne marie :)

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  1. better late than never! :) I love you meg terry! It was so so great to be in your presence for a couple hours last week.