Friday, December 9, 2011

a little turkey & a little traveling.

this thanksgiving, we really went all out! beth, anne marie, and cat decorated the "dining room" really pretty and our table was so chic and beautiful! we had so. much. food. including (drum roll please...) TURKEY! (fun fact: did you know that china does not have turkey? so that's a big deal that we had it this year.) we had a very yummy day. thankful for a great family here, though i miss spending the day in warner robins with the terry/cretors' family! (love y'all!)

the day after thanksgiving, we had a conference and the annual turkey bowl in our home away from home in china. it was a great couple of days with other china friends from around our region. this year, the SEC and the ACC tied. it's not a W, but we'll take it...especially considering a player on the other team got his tooth knocked out! bless his heart! (he's doing ok...thank goodness!)

lots to be thankful for this month and always. :)

1 comment:

  1. I am OH SO VERY VERY THANKFUL for you!!!!!!!!!!

    I MISS you so much!

    Love you more than all the turkeys ever eaten on Thanksgiving Day.