Sunday, December 18, 2011

word of the week: fei zhu liu + kelsey's birthday

this week's word of the week is fei zhu liu [pronounced fei (as in tina fey); zhu (sounds like jew); liu (sounds like leo)] -- which is a slang term used mostly by the post-90s generation. in general, it means something that is strange and odd...not necessarily in a bad way -- just different from the norm.

my friends love using this term, and if i throw it into any conversation, the crowd goes wild! fei zhu liu is used mostly about a person's style (i.e. clothing,  hair), so for kelsey's birthday, we dressed in true fei zhu liu fashion -- i'm talking glasses without lenses, big bows, mismatched patterns and sparkles.

zhu ni shengri, kelsey! wo ai ni!


  1. You, precious girl, are definitely different from the norm ~ you are extraordinary, and oh sooooooooo awesome!!!!

    You may be strange and odd (from the world's point-of-view), but it is DEFINITELY in a good way!!!

    Love you more than all the mismatched patterns and styles ever put together!