Saturday, September 11, 2010

"it's like a vacation...but it's not!"

well, i've been here in east asia for three weeks now, and i think one of the things i am really having to tell myself is that this is not just a short six-week trip like last summer...this is my life for a year! ahhhh! it's hard to wrap my mind around that concept at times, but i am really excited about what the year has in store. my apartment is starting to feel more like home with newly hung curtains and picture frames. we are learning how to buy food and ingredients at the grocery store and use our asian appliances to make american meals. the group is getting to know each other better each day and we laugh all the time. class starts next week and i am looking forward to learning the language, so i can communicate with the locals. as much as an adjustment it has been, i feel incredibly blessed to be here!

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  1. i love meg blogs! so excited to be reading about what you are doing and experiencing!