Saturday, September 18, 2010

Wish Upon a Strawberry

It's funny how things can change within a year. Since I was here last summer, many things have changed. Lots more buildings have been built, construction of a subway system into the city has started, and my favorite tea shop has closed. Sometimes it feels like I have never been here in my life, and other times it feels exactly the same as how I left it...

In many tea houses and restaurants, people will stick post-it notes on the walls with their wishes on them. Last summer, some of my friends and I posted our wishes on the wall of a favorite tea house. I thought it was a really fun and unique way to fit into the culture. We went around and explained what we wished for, and it was just so neat.

The other day, Anna and I went to that same tea house to get out of the heat for a little while. I wondered if my post-it note would still be there, but doubted it since had been over a year...Well, to my surprise, my little pink strawberry post-it note was exactly where I had left it! What are the odds of that?! I could not even tell you how excited I was -- what an awesome reminder that no matter how much things have changed, there is One who cares about every little detail and will be the steady constant in all the many changes of life.