Thursday, November 17, 2011

there's a snake in my boot!

After much deliberation, our crew finally decided that TOY STORY would be our theme for Halloween! We went into the city with our other friends for a fun night with Tex-Mex food!

Will as Woody
Kelsey as Jessie
Hughes as Buzz Lightyear
Anne Marie as Barbie
Chris as Ken
Me as Bo Peep
(Check out my HOOP SKIRT!! 
Me and Kelsey made it from scratch with a hula hoop! Who's proud??)
Chelsey as an Alien
Anna as Mrs. Potato Head
Tyler as Etch A Sketch

Our other friends in the city were the characters from the video game, Mario Kart. 
So hilarious.

My favorite costumes of the night were Barbie and Ken! Chris and Anne Marie rented their outfits from a costume store close to our apartments. 

 I loved Will's pull string, too! So clever!

We had such a fun time making our costumes and spending time with our friends from around the city! Any excuse to be together is fine by us!

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