Thursday, November 17, 2011

a very stupid and dangerous trend.

 "planking is a very stupid and dangerous trend. basically, you lie like a plank in weird places. that’s it. sometimes you get run over. welcome to the internet." (oscar, the office)

‎this summer, my dad left this AJC article about a new fad called "planking" on the stairs for me to read. (the stairs are the typical place to exchange interesting news articles, trinkets, etc. in our family. that kinda sounds strange now that i wrote it out...haha)

after reading the article, i just knew i had to incorporate planking into my life in east asia.

then, one of our first weeks back in country, the office aired an episode featuring, you 
guessed it, PLANKING!! we were so excited.
(here's the clip about planking.)

here are two of the best of our planks thus far.

‎"planking is one of those things where, hey, you either get it or you don't...and i don't, but i am so excited to be a part of it." (erin, the office)

i couldn't have said it better myself, erin.

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