Saturday, March 24, 2012

i was made for sunny days.

to escape the dreary winter in our city, we headed down south to thailand to get some sun and relax during the spring festival holiday! we started off with a conference with other students studying here in east asia. our hotel, the courtyard marriott, was INCREDIBLE. and everyone's room had an ocean view! we were so spoiled!

 (they even had a water slide. how fun is that?!?!)

my birthday also fell during this week! so i got to celebrate with my china family. it was really special. the hotel even sent me a birthday cake and flowers! and many of my friends went to dinner at an italian restaurant which was really yum!

not only did i get calls from all over the world (grace in india, anna in nashville, laura and miller in auburn, anna in daytona beach, kyle in london, and sara beth in montgomery), sara beth sent me e-mails of pictures of my best friends spelling out "HAPPY BIRTHDAY MEGA!"

this is sb's, for example!

i felt SO loved. i am so thankful.
what a fun week!

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