Saturday, March 24, 2012

legends of the hidden temple.

after our conference, we had the chance to go travel a bit! our first stop was siem reap, cambodia! i never in a million years thought i would travel to cambodia, but i enjoyed a lot! i felt like we were living out the game show from my childhood, "legends of the hidden temple." we visited all the famous ones (angkor wat, pre rup) and ones where we were the only people there (my fave)! in the evenings, we hung around the quaint town of siem reap and ate lots of great khmer and american food. and of course, i did lots of shopping the markets and shops!

siem reap was a really unique city...much different than any place i have been to in asia. i am always so surprised that you can literally cross over a border into another country, and it instantly looks, sounds, smells, and tastes different! what an experience!

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